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Escape Room Design 

Created Nov. 11 2020
(assets in the photograph were not designed by Alex Kohl)

Escape Room Narrative Framework

  1. Protagonist - player

    • ​You were hired to solve the mystery as to what is causing strange occurrences in a historical building​​

  2. Antagonist - The ghost of the town’s founder Nathaniel Pracket

    • ​He wants to keep you in the room so you can uncover the reason behind his death

  3. Clients Themes - Paranormal & Historical

    • ​The paranormal influences of Pracket on the room. It’s a very ominous setting and any hints asked for by the player are presented as Pracket subtly guiding them. Historical in nature in that the setting is the historical house of Pracket who founded the town that hired you.

  4. World - Conceit & Outside World

    • ​The bedroom of Nathaniel Pracket which has been turned into a historical tour site for the town.

    • Its set in a small town in the Midwest current day, the kind of place where everyone knows everyone.

This was a project where the task was to create the idea and layout of a fictitious escape room based on themes and genres given by a client. This project was presented to the 2020 incoming freshman class at the University of Texas at Austin's Arts and Entertainment college for its's success

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