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Dialogue Example

date. 2021

Short Dialogue Sample

Alex Kohl

Premise - Magistrate Julianna Versailles and Crime boss Finn Horde were old friends, working together under the Domino syndicate. When the organization fell apart Finn picked up the pieces to create his own empire and Julianna left to start a career in governance. After becoming Magistrate of Port Morrigan, Julianna was eventually framed by a political rival and here, returns to Finn to seek asylum.

Excerpt - 

Julianna Versailles - (The politeness leaves her face completely and is left with rigid stoicism) - “Oh come on Horde. I know you have safe houses in every major city of the region. Just put me in one of those for a couple months and I’ll be out of your hair. I’ll even staff it with my own-”

Finn Horde - (Places a hand on Julianna’s shoulder and turns her to walk with him) - “Jules, you remember how this works. You’re an important public official. The only way to ensure your safety is to put you in a place where no one would look. It’s only for your own good.”

Julianna Versailles - (Delicately removes Finn’s hand from her shoulder and stops moving) - “What do you want?”

Finn Horde - (Speaking through a small chuckle) - “Same old Julianna, no patience for subtlety. It’s a wonder you made it as long as you did as a politician. - (Turns toward Julianna and looks her directly in the eye) - I want free travel through Port Morrigan. No inspections on imports or exports of my ships and a zero percent tax rate.”

Link to full dialogue PDF

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